Top 10 Telugu Web Series (2020-2021)

Top 10 Telugu Web Series: Telugu web series is soon going to touch the same heights which are ruled by Telugu cinema. The series made in Telugu are so fresh with ideas and content-driven that they are gaining popularity day by day. Web series are the best entertainment sources to watch. You all might be searching top web series. We are here to provide the genuine information and details of the best web series. 

Each and every regional language producer is looking at OTT platforms to produce good web series after looking at the boom in the market and demand for them. Many youngsters are looking to lazy-off during weekends and watch web series on different OTT platforms. Let’s discuss the top web series below. Please go through the entire article to get the exact information.

Top 10 Telugu Web Series (2020-2021)

1. Geetha Subramanyam:

Geetha Subhramanyam is the latest Telugu web series, getting popular day by day. The lead in the series are Darshini Sekhar and Manoj Krishna Tanneru

The series is all about a couple engaged in a live-in relationship. It is made up of observations of the common misunderstandings between couples which spices up the daily lives of people, garnished with humor. It has been directed by Srinivas and SivaSai Writings. It is quite a worth watching series this summer.

2. Muddapappu Avakai:

Muddapappu Avakai is a famous web series starring Niharika Konidela in the lead role. The director of this series later made the film Suryakantham too. This series gave Niharika all the confidence to become an actress after debuting as an anchor on TV. Pranith Bramanandapally’s series created a sensation when it first debuted on the internet.

3. Endukila:

Sumanth Ashwin decided to work in this web series as liked the content. This is a romantic comedy series presented by the director, Deva Katta. Lakshman Karya directed the series and it is available on Yupp TV app. As it is light-hearted it breezes through without letting you notice the time. Yamini Bhaskar acted as the leading lady. At the outset it looks like a simple story but as the story unfolds you get hooked by the simplicity and performances as well.

4. 703:

703 is a thriller about a writer who investigates a girl, Nakshatra post her death. He does so because his story resembles the life of the girl and ends as tragically as he predicted. Hence, he starts his investigation into her. His research keeps landing him in different troubles and he tries hard to escape from the problems and solve the mystery about her death. Many praise this web series for writing and making standards.

5. Pilla Pillagadu:

This series is a hugely popular one in Telugu web series. Each episode has gone viral with more than a million views each. The music from the series is hugely popular and it breezes through too. Sumanth Prabhas directed the series with Swetha Katakam as a producer. Sai Teja Kalvakota, Kanchan and Mani Aguerla acted as the leads in the series. The series has a total of 17 episodes divided into two seasons.

6. Pelli Gola:

Two families are trying to hitch their children with each other. Unknowingly both the children are trying to elope together. Watch how the comedy of errors came to happen and chaos starts to occur around them which will end in a twist.

7. Posh Poris:

Three working girls are living together and they have a modern outlook towards life. Watch their life and the drama around their love lives which will make you laugh hard. Each one of them has an interesting and quirky relationship with their respective boyfriends.

8. Mana Mugguri Love Story:

A simple yet complex girl falls in love with two boys at the same time. Watch how she comes to understand herself and about love through these two relationships which gives you an insight into a modern take on relationships.

9. Mahathalli:

Mahathalli is a popular YouTube series, which is also telecasted on the ETV plus channel. Jahnavi Dasetty, known as Mahathalli, acts in Mahathalli web series, which is very famous among youth. The series presents the comedy scenes related to life situations. Mahathalli stars Jahnavi Dasetty, Bhavya  Natasha, Jones Katru, Gautami Krishnan and Harshita.

Some of the videos in the series are based on  Before Marriage Vs, After Marriage, Hyderabad Traffic Jam Scenes, Salary problems, Salon, Credit Card issues, South Indian problems, Theatre, Hostel Life, Government Job preparations, Summer, RIP English, Height related, House owners Vs, Bachelor’s, Winter, Specs people, Fat control, Lockdown, Girls shopping, Engineering student life, Restaurant Eaters, Software, Using the phone for more hours, Queue, etc. Not only teens, but elders also like the Mahathalli series.

10. Warangal Vandana:

She is an Indian short film star and YouTuber. The main thing for which she got huge fame was Warangal Vandana. As she acted in many short films she envisaged of being a source of entertainment to people. With the same concept, her desire and reality met and she got the chance in THE MIX YouTube channel. She did the web series. 

Now everyone addresses her as Warangal Vandana instead of her name. This web series showcases the situations of hostel and college life. Many absurd, idiotic, lame things are showcased which in turn have a sense of humour and are related to real life.

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