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Maa Ganga Nadhi is a judicature drama movie directed and written  by V. Bala Nageswara Rao. The movie casts Ali, Niya and Zuveria in the lead roles. The Music composed by Sunil Kashyap. The film is produced by V Nageswara Rao, Surya Vantharam, and M.N.U. Sudhakar.

Ali is one of the foremost comedians in Telugu. He came as a child artist and brought about good chuckles on faces with his comedy timing. He also did hero characters and got good success. As per news after a very long gap Ali turned as hero and appeared in front of people with Maa Ganga Nadhi movie. In this he is playing the lawyer role. His Daughter also tested her luck through this movie. Bala Nageswara Rao handles the direction part. In this Subhalekha Sudhakar and few other talented actors are acted. It will be released this year only.

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Director got a new idea with this movie. It is about the corruption and cruelty which girls are facing in the current society. On the occasion of release of the trailer, Bala Nageswar Rao told that all the knowledge of cinema is self learnt and he nurtured a desire to direct when he visited the sets of the films in which his colleagues and friends worked as associates and co-directors. He said that he made a sincere effort in 2008 but it didn’t happen earlier. Seeing the terrible situations, the girls are getting involved in, he has been inspired to write a script. He has been reading and watching news on abuse of women for a long time but this time he picked a plot and weaves a story around it.

While he was watching television one day, he glanced upon Ali’s show with children. The expressions, Ali’s interaction with the children were so real and he couldn’t help finalising him. Nageswar Rao says he was so disturbed reading the newspapers that he stopped subscribing. But why did he make a film on it if he is so sensitive? “I wanted to show a solution. Technology these days is being misused. It is not about upbringing. Even with good upbringing things go beyond our control. It could be peer pressure or whatever. Ali had tears in his eyes while the narration was on. His family too heard the story and the film ends with a solution.

It doesn’t matter to people anymore if Ali is playing a comedian or hero or character artist. Ali shared his views with the audience and became emotional. He was like, he felt very emotional by seeing his daughters acting. His wife’s ambition is to see her daughter on screen. Earlier Ali’s mother wanted to see Ali on screen. He achieved success and generated the finest smile on his mother’s face. As the same he wanted his daughter to get a great success to achieve his wife’s dream. And he also said that he became a host himself and uploaded the trailer because of the current pandemic situations. The shoot of the movie was already done and ready to release but it is taking time to release because of COVID pandemic situation.

Story Line:

Ali starred in a different positive role in this movie as an advocate. He used to support justice and fight many cases. He will get a new criminal case. Then he would try to get great success in that case. He loves his daughter Zuveria so much. How does a lawyer face it? Does she argue on behalf of the victim or criminal? Can’t reveal any of that now. Ali’s daughter Juveria had made her debut with this film and it is interesting.


  1. Ali
  2. Nia
  3. Zuveria
  4. Subhalekha Sudhakar
  5. Chatrapathi Sekhar
  6. CVL Narasimha Rao


  1. V. Bala Nageswar Rao
  2. Sunil Kashyap

Sound Track: Vandemataram Song

Singer : Ramya Behara

Lyrics : Vishwanath

Music : Sunil Kashyap

D.O.P: Praveen Vanamali

Editor: Bonthala Nageswara Reddy

PRO: Chandra Vattikuti, Mohan Thummala.

Music Label: Madhura Audio

It might release on OTT platforms, Amazon Prime video. We can watch the movie once it gets released on Amazon prime.  Anyone can download the movie from the sites like Movie on 4movierulz se, My telugu wap, Naa rockers etc.

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