Karthi Telugu Dubbed Movies List Till 2021

Karthi Telugu Dubbed Movies List Till 2021Karthi is one of the leading actors from Tamil Nadu and he has given his best in Telugu movies to like awara and na paru shiva and many more he takes the movies like trillings to love story and comedy and now he becomes one of the toppest actors in tollyhood. he works so hard for any kind of movie to give his best a Yugaaniki Okkadu which tries to give a benchmark in all his efforts and this movie is of Tamil and this is going to be the biggest hit in Tamil nandu.

Karthi was born on 25 May 1997 in Tamil nandu he is famous in Tamil nandu and he has a lot of fan following there and he has winned many debut awards in India whichever movie he makes will get supper hit and positive response he has taken many films in Tamil, Telugu and many more languages

#1 Yuganiki Okkadu. Selva Raghavan’s latest film ‘Yugaaniki Okkadu’ is a rare film that tries to set a new benchmark in South Indian cinema. …

Karthi Telugu Dubbed Movies List Till 2021

  1. Yuganiki Okkadu
  2. Aawara
  3. Naa Peru Shiva
  4. Oopiri
  5. Khakee 
  6. Khaidi
  7. Sulthan

1. Aawara

After feuding with his father, a local judge (Prithviraj Kapoor), Raj Raghunath (Raj Kapoor) leaves home and falls in with petty criminal Jagga (K.N. Singh). But when he realizes that his new friend was a key figure in a painful saga from his family’s past, Raj kills Jagga. Because the crime was committed in the elder Raghunath’s jurisdiction, Raj’s case is set to be heard by his father. Backed by his long-lost love, a lawyer named Rita (Nargis), Raj prepares for his moment of truth.

2. Naa peru shiva

Naa Peru Shiva is a dubbed version of the Tamil movie Naan Mahaan Alla. It is an action thriller movie in which, the film revolves around Shiva (Karthi), a free-wheeling guy with no worries in life. His family members and friends keep him invigorated over the times.

3. Khiladi

Four friends decide to play a practical joke, phoning Kailash to tell him that his daughter has been kidnapped, they demand a ransom of 200,000 rupees. Things seem to go according to plan until the police head by Raj’s elder brother.

4. Oopiri

A millionaire entrepreneur who is paraplegic hires a convict, who is out on parole, as his caretaker. Together, they help each other with their struggles and develop an unlikely bond.

5. Sulthan

A motherless child, Sulthan (played by Karthi) is raised by a group of hardened criminals. He loves these 100 men as brothers but despises their taste for violence. Following the death of his father, the responsibility to take care of these men falls on the shoulders of Sulthan. That is when he decides to transform them and teach them to live as civilized people. It is a Herculean task, but the loyalty and the love that these men have towards him give Sulthan a fighting chance.

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