How to Shoot a Short Film and Release in OTT Platforms

What is a short film?

A short film is any photoplay or moving picture which is not sufficient in duration to be contemplated as a story. The real moving picture that has a duration of 40 minutes or less is a short film. Short films are usually pre owned for hard work and diligence. And also used as a manifesto to showcase an individual talent to gain funding and help for future projects from private shareholders, production companies or movie workplaces.

We will help you with the ideas of making good concept oriented short films and releasing on OTT platforms.

Many of them must be waiting curiously to make a great short film to start their career. Go through this article till the end without any skip. We will provide the important information regarding short films, tips of making short films, releasing short films on the correct platform. 

Steps to Make a short Film:

  1. Select a Good Script:

Even though a short filmmaker might be persuaded to grab a camera and tackle shooting unscripted scenes, the best short films tell a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end with the attractive script which meets the standards. A script ensures that a film tells such a story. 

  1. Design a Story Layout:

Filmmakers can make a layout design panel-by-panel outline of each shot once the script is ready. Designs and layouts must be organized as attractive and colourful. Designing layouts has a prominent role in making a short film.

  1. Lookout the Best Locality for the Short Film:

Finest location is an important requirement for movie shooting. It helps to grab the viewer’s attention. Films or short film’s shoots take place in many types of locations like Restaurants, villas, colleges, landscapes etc.

Filmmakers should choose attractive locations carefully. If the film takes place outdoors, filmmakers should find a safe, legal setting to film. If it takes place indoors, one needs to find an indoor locale where filming will not be disturbed.

  1. Choose a Good Camera:

Film Makers should choose a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera with an advanced quality lens. 

  1. Editing a Film: 

Film editing is  creative and a practical part of the process of filmmaking and it is all about setting process photography and animation. The term is derived from the traditional process of working with film which increasingly involves the use of digital technology.

One should choose professional film editors.  A film editor must productively work with the layers of images, story, dialogue, music, pacing, as well as the actor’s performances to successfully redefine and even rewrite the film to craft an indivisible whole uncut.

Best OTT Platforms for Short Films:

Dear dynamic filmmakers, have you done with the short film? We are here to help you with important information in order to upload the short films on OTT platforms and the best OTT platform to upload a good short film. 

From ages, the only technique to expand visibility for your short film was to upload it directly to a free watch site like YouTube or Vimeo, but nowadays there are a number of options. Some of them even offer authorizing or accession fees  or the money that relates with your film’s streaming success on the site. On our website, we’ll provide you a look at some of the options you have to distribute your content online. There are many platforms to prove the talent of the deserved person. Go through the entire steps in order to know the genuine information.

  1. Reelhouse: It is an online base and oneself distributing platform that provides filmmakers control to self produce content right to their viewers. This platform helps the filmmakers to prove their talent.
  2. Film Shortage: This is also the best platform in order to get short films distributed. Their community is more firmly related to the Canadian film industry. Submitting to this site will charge an acquisition fee. They will also offer a crowdfunding option like ReelHouse.
  3. 3. Bittorrent: It is the best platform to upload a shortfilms.
  4. Reddit: It  is usually a big open comments section. Subreddits are communities bound around a separate topic. Posting a link to your film on an applicable subReddit can be a best tool for promoting the short film.
  5. Short Film Connection: It is a great platform for short films. This is exactly like a Film Storage.

Nowadays many of them are making web series. There are many OTT platforms which the deserved fil makers are using are Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime etc.

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