GenYoutube or popularly known as Genyt or gentube. It is an website from which you can download Youtube Videos. GenYoutube also has an app available on the playstore. You can download that and download the videos directly from that. 

As we all know that Youtube doesn’t have an download option, Even though there is an download option given now to watch the videos offline. But you cannot save the videos on your device which can be a mobile or a laptop.

GenYoutube has gained a lot of popularity, You can download the videos for free both in audio and video format. 

What are the categories involved in GenYoutube?

There are many categories available on this website such as:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Technology and many more

How to download Youtube videos with GenYoutube?

As mentioned above, you can directly download the youtube videos or movies directly to your device. Using GenYoutube you can download your videos in different formats like Mp4, Mp3, WebM, 3gp, Flv both in HD and SD

There are three options for downloading your videos

Option 1:

Copy the link from the youtube video you are watching and paste it in the search box of the website. Hit the enter button and it will automatically redirect you to the video page. After confirming that, You can download the video directly on to your device.

Option 2:

The next step is quite simple just add gen to the Youtube Video Link. The URL you see above the page, Just add gen before Youtube link and the video will be directly downloaded to your device.

Option 3:

You can add the recommended browser extension to your browsers that includes Chrome Extension, Firefox Addon, and Safari Extension. You can start using them right away. You can also convert Mp3Hub which can convert videos to Mp3 and store them on your device. You can also get Sconvertor from which you can download Mp3 as well as Mp4 clips from the website

So this is how you download the videos from this website. But let us tell you that this is an illegal way of downloading the videos. This is considered as Piracy so please don’t support that.

Is it legal to download videos from GenYoutube website?

No it is definitely not legal to download the videos from this website. Downloading the videos from a website which doesn’t offer that option at all is considered as a crime itself. Even these website’s are home for many third party website and Pop Up ads so it is better not to engage with them. Your data and device might be in danger. 

Final Words:

We don’t promote Piracy and even we consider this is a crime. So we are trying to spread awareness amongst our followers and readers not to support Piracy. Say NO to piracy.

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