How To Download Telugu Movies (Legal and illegal Ways)

How To Download Telugu Movies: Movies are a wonderful source of entertainment. Everybody likes to watch different movies and there are different genres as well which attract the audience very much. Ever since the pandemic has struck the world, Many people are showing interest in different types of movies and web series and they are enrolling to the OTT platforms to watch different types of movies. But there is also another way simple way to download the movies you like on your device. First let’s see how to download the movie the legal way.

How To Download Telugu Movies (Legal Way)

Here are some steps from which you can easily download the movie:

  1. First open the browser and search for the OTT platform. Lets take the example of Hotstar here. Download the Hotstar App on to your device.
  2. Click on the Hotstar official app and search for your favorite movie. Let us remind you that there are only few movies which are brought by this OTT platform. 
  3. After searching for the movie, if it is available on the platform. Just click on the thumbnail.
  4. You will be redirected to another page in which you will the trailer of the movie first, below that you will see the plot of the movie and cast and crew details included as well. 
  5. Below all these things, You will see watch now, Download and share option buttons.
  6. Just click on the download button, If you are already logged into the OTT platform then the download will begin shortly. If you aren’t logged in, Just login via Google Account or Facebook and then the platform will ask you to choose the resolution. Just choose the resolution you want and the download will begin shortly.
  7. After the download is over, You can turn off the data and watch your movie on the Hotstar App.

How To Download Telugu Movies (Illegal way)

You can download only free movies on Hotstar. If you are a member of the Hotstar then you can download new movies as well. So this is how you download the movie in the legal way. Now lets see the illegal way of downloading the movie.

Here are the steps to download the movie in illegal way:

  1. First open the browser and if you know the name of any piracy website for example Movierulz. Just search for the Movierulz website and click on the official website.
  2. In this website, You will find a huge collection of different types of movies. Just search for your favorite movie in the search box.
  3. The results page will show the thumbnail of the movie, Just click on that and you will be redirected to an another page
  4. In which you will see the movie details, plot, cast and crew details as well. Just below that you will see the magnet torrent links in different resolutions and sizes. But before all this, To download the movie from the Movierulz. You need to have Utorrent or Bit Torrent application on your device.
  5. Below the magnet torrent links you will see different third party links from which you can directly stream the movie on your device.
  6. As we are downloading the movie now, Just choose the magnet torrent link which is quite suitable for your device and click on it. The download will begin in the torrent application. After the download is complete, You can watch the movie on your device.

So these are the two different ways of downloading the movies on to your device. It is better to choose the legal way because your device and data will be safe. Piracy is a crime and it is harmful as well. 

Final Words/ Disclaimer: 

We don’t promote Piracy and even we consider this is a crime. So we are trying to spread awareness amongst our followers and readers not to support Piracy. Say NO to piracy.

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