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Colour Photo Movie Analysis:

Colour Photo:

Colour Photo is an Indian telugu heart wrenching movie which stays with you. It was written and directed by Sandeep Raj starring Chandini Choudary and Suhas Pogolu. Producers of the movie are Benny Muppaneni and Sai rajesh.


 In the late 1990s, Jayakrishna (Suhaas), a college student with a huge fantasy, loves Deepu (Chandini Chowdary), his classmate and sister of a unkind cop named Rambabu (Sunil) who used to judge the people based on their skin tone. Jayakrishna faces colour-based discrimination and, once Rambabu comes to know of his love affair with his sister, major problems ensue. He tries to conquer the problems in the movie.


This is not a perfect, alluring or ostentatious love story where things become difficult. It has a heart touching feelings that surfaces in the last 40 minutes or so. Writers Sai Rajesh Neelam (also one of the producers of the film) and Sandeep Raj write not just characters but also character arcs – even for non-lead actors. Sunil’s Rambabu is not just an unkind being but also a psycho who cares a lot about physical appearance. He is not just heartless but also rude, treating women as his property. Viva Harsha, the best friend of the male protagonist, becomes paranoid at the sight of a dead body, a quirk that is deployed in a poignant manner in the climax. The senior at the college, the principal, the female protagonist’s sister-in-law, they all have something or the other to convey.

Suhas is a sincere student who dreams big because of his poor background. He fell for deepu and faced many consequences. Sunil’s character makes a late entry and changes the story.The progress of the love story on the campus could have been handled better. Since the actual romance takes a full 55 minutes or so to take off, it could feel tiresome. At about 140 minutes, the film doesn’t dither or flip-flop. Even so, some of the scenes are a drag.A complaint is that Suhaas’s character seems to overdo the cuteness factor. The interactions between the hero-heroine duo would have been great had the segment been handled well.

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The movie is set in late the 90s where people casually discriminate on the basis of skin colour and believe that fair-skinned women are too much to ask for dark-skinned men. What is funnier is that a few characters in the film imagine that things will change by the year 2020. Kannayya is a hard-working student and falls in love with Deepti who is his classmate and fails to express it to her. The innocence in his character is well maintained and the humour is top-notch. The first half of the movie feels like a fresh countryside breeze.

The performances have to be evaluated at two levels. If you see the performances of the lead pair in isolation, they are adequate. But in the scenes where they are together, they don’t click somehow. As a result, the film is bereft of sublime chemistry.

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The film pushes the envelope insofar as it tells a cataclysmic love story. Debutant director Sandeep Raj tells a layered story for the most part. But the film suffers from some serious flaws as well. The chemistry between the lead pair is superficial until before the last leg of the story. Much screen time is wasted in making the audience sympathize with the male lead.

The second half of this film begins by pretending to be a happy story but it is stuffed with high emotions. Sandeep Raj again hits the right notes by narrating the story in a thought-provoking way. He proves his brilliance by showing harsh realities as they are instead of sugar-coating them. The happy-go-lucky movie slowly turns into an emotional rollercoaster and the same adorable innocence in the first half will make hearts weep at the scenes in pre-climax. The writing again is commendable and more than his direction, Sandeep will be remembered for his writing in the film. But if there is something that is a little disappointing, it is giving a blind eye to the brutal Rama Raju and leaving his character in peace. Otherwise, Colour Photo passes with flying colours.

Suhas has once again proved his tenacity as an actor with Colour Photo. Every single detail, even the way he gets down the cycle without applying the break is so natural. Chandini’s expressions and performance in this movie should at least now make writers want to pen strong characters for her. Sunil aces his role as the antagonist and it’s no surprise really. And the man of the moment is truly Harsha. The chemistry between Harsha and Suhas in this movie is as important as the chemistry between the lead characters and the boys just killed it. Kaala Bhairava’s music is spot on and other technicalities also worked out well. Colour Photo does not just have what a love story needs; it also has everything we should learn ethics as a person.

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