Ante Sundaraniki Telugu Movie Review & Ratings

Ante Sundaraniki Movie Review: Nani’s film Ante Sundaraniki is gaining recognition. Nani tries new notions, like Ante Sundaraniki, and makes blunders. Ante Sundaraniki, a movie launched today, June 10, 2022, is being appreciated worldwide. Let’s watch how this picture develops to decide if it’s worthwhile. Regardless.

Ante Sundaraniki Movie Review


Nani’s family regards him as the lone successor to a traditional Brahman household, yet they taunt him anyway. According to Sundar’s horoscope, he’d never be able to visit the U.S. Sundar’s horoscope was regarded to be full of hurdles. Sundar contacted Leela Thomas to keep things moving (Nazriya). He dates Leela. Why did you see the movie?

Cast & Crew

Vivek Athreya directed, Niketh Bommi filmed, and Vivek Sagar composed Ante Sundaraniki for Mythri Movie Makers. Mythri Movie Makers made Ante Sundaraniki. Nani and Nazriya star in a movie.

Movie Name Ante Sundaraniki
Cast Leads Nani, Nazriya, Naresh, Rohini, Nadiya, N. Alagan Perumal, Harshavardhan, Rahul Ramakrishna, Aruna Bhikshu, Tanvi Ram, Srikanth Iyengar, Vinny, Harika and Nomina
Director Vivek Athreya
Producer Mythri Movie Makers.
Written by Vivek Athreya
Music Vivek Sagar
DOP Niketh Bommi

Movie Verdict

Nani’s acting style spans comedy and action films. Even though he’s a natural celebrity, he wasn’t great in action movies like “V” and “Tuck Jagadish” Now he’s working on Ante Sundaraniki, a project he created. We’ve never seen a movie like this.

Many movies have been made about intercaste weddings, and each one takes the matter seriously. Ante Sundaraniki’s novel treats this marriage as a side story.

First- and second-half humour were both really good. Despite this, the audience’s astonishment makes the building to the climax emotionally charged, and the conclusion is decent but could be better.

Nani plays a young brahmin in Ante Sundaraniki. Because his character lives in each film, nothing else can be said about his performance. Leela Thomas leads the first Nazriya episode in Telugu. Her lovable qualities are evident in this film. Nazriya voiced Leela. There’s also Naresh.

Vivek Athreya is a well-known Telugu cinema scriptwriter. The ship’s captain. Mental Madilo to Ante Sundaraniki highlight Telugu culture. In Ante Sundaraniki, he has produced magnificent charts, and he manages to do it without offending anyone.

Niketh Bommi’s cinematography is outstanding. Leela’s reality is darker and gloomier than Sundar’s. Vivek Sagar’s compositions sound unique since he uses so many instruments. As usual, Vivek Athreya’s score was excellent.

Ante Sundaraniki is a funny book. Movies are a terrific way to relax.

Movie Rating: 3.5/ 5

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