A Aa Telugu Movie Review

A Aa Telugu Movie Review
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Movie: A Aa
Cast: Nithin, Samantha, Anupama, Nadiya,Naresh, Rao Ramesh and Others
Directed by: Trivikram
Produced by: S. Radha Krishna
Banner: Harika Hasini Creations
Music by: Micky J Meyer
Release Date: 2016-06-02
Rating: 3.5/5

                                AAa Movie Review

AAa is a more awaited movie of the seasons due to Trivikram’s image. The director who has become famous with his spotless family thrilling performers has enjoyed a reprieve from star studded movies and selected to make a story based film A Aa. The outcome is an inspiring performer with loads of wonderful moments. Anasuya Ramalingam and Anand Vihari will most likely pull at your heartstrings.


Anasuya Ramalingam (Samantha) is fed up with her strict mother (Nadiya) that manages and chooses everything in her life. She attempt suicide yet that doesn’t change her mothers attitude. Anasuya longs for a change from the normal life and her dad (Naresh) sends her to her close relative’s home. Anasuya meets her cousin Anand Vihari (Nithin) in the train and the ten days that she goes through with his family changes Anasuya forever. In spite of the fact that she falls in love with Anand, he already engaged to some other girl (Anupama). So how do Anasuya and Anand beat all the obstacles and make their love success is rest of the story.


Nithin is perfect in the part of a boy nearby with basic looks. He underplayed the character extremely well. His performance in the scene where he tells about the bad experience of his family to Samantha is super. This is a perfectly customized character for him and he ought to be appreciated for taking up a story driven film that doesn’t give much extension for his heroics. After quite a while Samantha got a character that gives her plentiful extension to perform. She is amazingly great as Anasuya Ramalingam, a young lady got in the middle of her mom and lover. Anasuya will most likely be recognized as one of her best characters ever.

Anupama did okay. This character appears to be immature. Nadiya is well-suited as the strict and proud mother. Naresh supplemented her well with his average depiction as hen-pecked husband. Rao Ramesh takes the appear once again. Ajay is good. Praveen got a substantial character and he did well. Avasarala Srinivas, Ananya, Hariteja, Shakalaka Shankar are relevantly cast.

Plus Points:

  • Dialogues
  • Performances
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Climax

Minus Points:

  • Lacks emotional depth
  • Few threads are underdeveloped


The best plot of this film is motivated by Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani’s novel Meena. Trivikram adjusted it well and exhibited it in a way that it speaks to the contemporary audience. His dialogues are too great in this film. In spite of the fact that there is a considerable measure of story to tell, Trivikram described it in an entertaining way without a lot of drama.

Micky J Meyer’s music is one of the biggest plus point. songs are shot well. Camera work by Natty is another plus point. The aerial shots of Pollachi are so wonderful. Editing is fine. Production qualities are rich. In fact AAa is incomparable with each division thinking of their best work.


An Aa has a decent plot and Trivikram executed it well without getting an extra melodrama. His style of presentation and characterization will keep you entertained despite the lack of masala elements. A Aa is a wholesome performer that can be delighted in with your entire family. It is a flawless summer film.

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